Wedding Earrings by Theme 

Were Glitz and Glamour once only words subtly assciated with Sex in the City's Sam? On your wedding day complete your look by coupling a pair of dazzling crystal or ivory pearl earrings. Looking for a more sexy sultry style? MODELBRIDE's luxurious and long chandelier earrings are always our classic hottest sellers. Simple stud earrings of baguette crystals & pearls are the perfect touch for traditional wedding dress. Looking for Caribbean Destination Cool Look?  Look no further than Mother of Pearl for your Destination Wedding Theme. MODELBRIDE's Mother of Pearl earrings offer a laid back gypsy boho chic look. Already looking for 2016 inspiration jewelry ~ stay tuned for next year's Moroccan Tangier Wedding Themes played right out of your favorite Identity - Supremecy and Ultimatum Moroccan Themed Weddings.  Depending on the neckline of your wedding dress, a necklace may be needed but sparkly earrings are always a must- girlfriend!