Lela Rose

Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress Style Collection

Lela Rose Style Bridesmaid Dresses combine elements from her signature collection such as layered crinkle chiffon and pleated cotton faille. Lela Rose's new bridesmaid dress collection focuses on designer styling at an affordable price. The Lela Rose Bridesmaid Dress Style collection is a mix of modern whimsy and lady like elegance.  Lela Rose uses a mix of vibrant colors,  stunning fabrication and handcrafted detailing to make her bridesmaid dresses brilliantly fresh. The sophisticated, modern lines of a Lela Rose bridesmaid dress is offered in subtle fabrics such as crinkled chiffon, Gazaar and Renaissance Satin. Most Lela Rose Style Bridesmaid Dresses come in 48 colors.  Try creating a color scheme of many shades of one color and have fun and try a rainbow of colors for your bridal party. Be creative and mix not only colors, but also styles.  By letting each of your bridesmaids pick their own style and color of bridesmaid dress, they will feel confident and unique on your wedding day.

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