The Sultry Style

Wedding Hairstyles with Sultry Style

Gathered at the nape of the neck and finished with luscious curls, who knew a pony tail could be so sexy?



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A lot of gals practically live in a ponytail because it's easy and comfortable.

Here, ModelBride takes your favorite everyday look and transforms it into something sexy and elegant.

Long Locks

This style depends on long hair that spills over your shoulders. If your hair isn't long enough, extensions will do the trick. The Custom 18"" Hair Extension Set or the Custom 14"" Hair Extension Set are dyed to match your own hair and can be placed in the front, back or sides of your head - wherever you need extra and length.



Get Some Curls, Girls

Our model, Lulu already has long, thick hair so the ModelBride stylist team got right to work setting it in hot rollers. After curling, stylists went through the hair with a bristle brush so that the individual curls would join together and form just a few trails of large, full curls.

Tease and Part

Next, the hair was teased at the crown to give it shape and body. Lulu's long bangs were parted in a low, side part and loosely brought to the opposite side.

The style still works if you have shorter bangs or no bangs at all, just keep that extreme part on one side and sweep the hair across your forehead.

Finishing Touches

To finish the look, the hair was softly pulled into a side ponytail at the nape of the neck and fastened with the Sunset Pearl and Crystal Barrette paired with champagne wedding shoes from Bellissima.

Now that your hairstyle for your specail day is perfect, Head to Bang Boa Bay, Thailand with your bridesmaid entourage to seal the deal with your husband... Your Bohemian sultry bridal style fits perfectly with the laid back mellow vibe of Koh Chang in a pair of vintage bridal shoes. Or go with the flow, with naturally tousled air dried hair with a soft braid finished with an exotic yellow ratchaphruek flower and ivory bridal shoes.  Slip in to your vintage inspired a-line lace v-neck bridal dress from Yolan Cris.  Add some artisty flair with the Abigail pendant necklace or Pearl & Ice Earrings.  For a cool vibe & comfort, flat wedding wedges by Betsey Johnson will keep you celebrated until sun up in the honeymoon suite at the Ritz.

Lulu is also wearing ModelBride's Lana Crystal Jewelry. With its Austrian crystals and freshwater pearls it is a perfect pairing for the barrette.